KDS helicopter 450 c rc helicopter test review RTF no fly no settings

WHOW this was a mis-buy. For me,

comming from a year crashless fixed pitch big heli flying.After reading a lot, the common findings on fora are that the kds is not set up proparly by the manufacturer workers !! So it is anti – RTF

Even beginner instructions, like how to set up the transmitter… do not exist. Then i found someone with the ‘same set’ but in real life his transmitter and/or servos where different.

After that i almost got chopped by the spinng blades, even with idle/0 throttle set… SCARY ! Because lets face it, it is a powerfull flying meat grinder.

One has to be an experienced 3D flyer to even set this thing up, check the helicopter from head to toe, And has to be a mechanic aswell a pilot.
And even if you find, like i did, someone with i.e. a year older model, ‘same’ set (heli C and transmitter) the settings are allready different due to different menu entry’s and/or servo attachment.
KDS should make a beginners setting pdf / A4 paper !

see also http://hetheleverhaal.nl/webshopervaringreview/kds-450-c-3d-helikopter-niet-rtf-geen-settings-test-review/ and use google translate if necessary

kds x7II transmitter and receiver settings

kds x7II transmitter and receiver settings unclear…

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3 thoughts on “KDS helicopter 450 c rc helicopter test review RTF no fly no settings

  1. […] Vind je dan iemand met een zelfde set, kds 450 c met 7xii van een jaar terug, blijkt dat de menu’s en/of servos anders van opzet zijn inmiddels, en daardoor kreeg ik me toch een klap van de molen bijna!!! Want deze brushless helicopter heeft KRACHT het is gewoon een vliegende gehakt molen. Meer op bijv. : https://kdsrtf450helicoptertestreview.wordpress.com/2013/05/06/kds-helicopter-450-c-test-review-rtf-n… […]

  2. Jake says:

    I just got a KDS 450 QS RTF and flown it about 20 times within the first week. No problem with mine and I’ve never flown a CP helicopter before. Didn’t touch the helicoper settings or transmitter setting either.

    • Ray Bukovi says:

      Hi Jake …

      I’m very glad that your KDS459QS was indeed “ready to fly” out of the box. That must be very nice!

      However mine was not ready to fly (have the previous model to yours – KDS450S).

      Made the mistake of getting into the transmitter and tried to change some of the settings, based on feedback from various websites. STUPID me, did NOT write down the original default transmitter settings. Cannot find the default settings anywhere.

      Since you did not change your transmitter settings, you would be doing all KDS450 owners a huge favor if you would be so kind as to just “browse” through your transmitter and record your current settings HERE.

      Hope to here from you soon … Regards, Ray – Hudson Lake Indiana

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